Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sorry jika SOMEONE terasa...(feedback dari SOMEONE WIF HER BLOG)

I heard that someone from ex-SAINS TULIN AGAMA telah berapi api n memaki hamun setalah membace MY RECENT BLOG POST..When my frenz said it to me,i laughed to barf..either he also thought that i also post bout you.what have i done???huhuhu ..actually that story is not about u okay...i admit, yup we were talking bout u when im in called..but when i tend to post THAT TOPIC its not bout U at all..Yes she is one of us but she is not YOU..maybe Azrul even tersalah tafsir n mengaku yg that POST is bout you..and the truth is NOT..we talked about so many people okay..its relevent for us to just TALK BOUT YOU for an HOUR ??? And again i want to seek for apologize from you if u felt HURT..i didnt mean to HURT you a lot..its from BOTTOM of my hearth..actually we talk about one of your closed friend before in intep(I THINK U WERE CLOSE)..and u were really2 knew bout HER though..and i wont talked more here coz i takot ader someone else plak yg TERASA...and again ITS NOT YOU 4 sure..dont get bother with that post that u think it was U..For ur clue..SHE is one of your CLASSMATES in form 5..huhuh...Just find it UR SELF okay..thats all..THANKS 4 DA FEEDBACK yg u ckp u terase..if not we will never know yg U sakit hati dgn my posting..

p/s: taknak wat cam nie klu sume
org nak terasa n wat aku
rase besalah (sedih)

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