Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Eve

Hai's time for the new year eve..Urmmm..before all people in this world enter the world of 2010..i'll like to wish all of u happy new year..Hohohohohoho..Hurmm..x tau la ape n wat mlm new year cam nie..But its seems that i have to stay home and shut my mouth !!! I can't laugh my lung out coz i have NO MONEY..OMG..wat a sad story of mine..rase mcm Cinderella pon ader..Hahahah..Actually i'm waiting for my elaun to appear like a cute teddy bear ( coz i'm gonna like it )..knp aku x dpt lagi elaun nie???aku sangat2 la pelik..bongok tol rase bile membe kelas ader yg dah dpt..Whats the point..,to bank in our money not in sync ????!!!! Owhhh..sangat2 tension sbb bnd nie..dah la byk plan yg disediakan jika elaun dah masuk..Tp tunggu pnyer tunggu hampeh..Lagi lmbat msuknyer dari sem lepas..Now i'm got really2 mad..,some people said that this sem elaun..,we'll get in a second !! WTF ??!! Its not second but its year !! Now i hate rumors..unless i the one who create the rumors..hahahahaahaha..Ok..i wont talk much..and wish all of U..Heppy New Year..

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